Ann Marie Whaley moved to London from the USA in 1980. She studied at the Byam Shaw School of Art in London. She continued to study privately while working in the software business.   Now retired from business, she works and exhibits regularly in London and Surrey.

 ‘Painting outdoors is, in equal measures, a pleasure and a challenge.   There is so much to enjoy and to take in - changing light, wind, rain, enthusiastic dogs, or uninvited human critics are all part of the experience.  I strive to portray a sense of the place and to suggest a narrative.’




Please see the recent article on 'Gatherings' by Claire, which includes one of  my drawings -     

I make paintings in the landscape motif, using semi-abstract images to suggest the place or imply a narrative. I work from locations in my local area (West London) and England’s south coast as well as the west coast of the US. Working outdoors is unlike any other experience and is my personal favourite; it nourishes my imagination and refreshes my personal stockpile of colour and shape and line.

Although I have lived in London for many years, I grew up in the USA; working in the English landscape is another way of claiming my adopted home as my own. I visit the US every year, and many of the paintings in this exhibition were painted after a recent visit to San Diego, California. There I was inspired by the view from atop Mt Soledad, when it was possible to see the sun rise just as the full moon set over the Pacific Ocean. I wanted to portray the light and the colour, as well as the mystery in that time suspended between night and day.